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Ray's Rio Bravo Restaurant:

Rio Bravo Restaurant


Killer Concepts (Ray's Restaurants) asked us to help them with the reintroduction of the Rio Bravo brand flagship restaurant in Sandy Springs GA. The site to be reimagined has been multiple restaurants over the past four decades. This prime location has served this neighborhood well, however the “Southwestern” theme required a major overhaul to the original award winning structure and its aging landscape.


The landscape needed to be as whimsical and lighthearted as the theme implies while not taking for granted the level of quality to be found within. While considering the site master plan I wanted to add something somewhat unexpected to a desert themed landscape. The water feature adjacent to the front door is in fact a desert theme which provides a gathering  place and photo opportunity for patrons when there are wait times to enter the restaurant. The whimsical




custom made “mariachi frog trio” are a much loved feature of this space. Mulch areas have been replaced with eggrocks and pebbles which accent the colorful landscape.


The entire site nestles comfortably next to the existing pond including a new central aeration geyser which sports alternating colored spot lights. These lights relate seamlessly to the strings of festive lights strung throughout the property. The use of succulents and xeriscape plants accent this quirky property in the best possible way and will grow with this restaurant for years to come



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