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The Davis Residence:

The Davis family purchased their 1930’s Georgian residence in the mid 1990’s.  In order to improve modern livability for their family, they remodeled and added to their home over time. As their children began moving away for college they decided to address their outdoor environment.


At the start of this project, the Davises' front yard remained mostly unchanged from when they purchased their home.  The backyard was dominated by an outdated garage they no longer desired, while the existing patio was small and uninviting in the summer heat. Their dream was to have an outdoor space which not only enhanced the beauty of their home, but was usable in ways which were not previously possible. Gardening was therapeutic to them and became key to the design program, as was their desire for entertainment space and staging areas.



To meet the Davises' dreams, a Georgian styled fenced and gated permaculture garden complete with garden house, raised beds, and composting area were built. For the patio, a cozy stone bench seating area featuring a tier fountain were designed closer to the home. The remainder of the back yard was crossed with sidewalks and plantings dividing it into more intimate entertainment areas, dominated in the center with a naturally styled water fountain with coy pond. As for the front yard and motor court, a herringbone driveway bed was designed to complement the brick façade of the house, with two stone paths sweeping from the side yard into a flowered seating area.


Since the completion of this two phase project, the Davises regularly host friend and family get together utilizing their new outdoor space as an extension of their home and hospitality. The beauty and aesthetic improvements of this outdoor environment are only surpassed by the celebrations and intimate gatherings held within it.

The Moores Residence:
The Mooreses purchased their Augusta residence in 1965 to accommodate their growing family.  This beautiful early 1920’s Spanish Colonial architecture appealed to their sense of style and the large yard was perfect for their seven children and all their friends. While the large yard complimented their family size, it did not enhance the aesthetics of the property or lend itself as a true outdoor living space and extension of their home. After the children had moved out of the house and on with their own lives, the Mooreses decided it was time to improve the yard in such a way as to enhance the enjoyment of their family home and to fully utilize the grounds of their property.


For their property, the Mooreses’ key desire was to build outdoor living spaces for entertaining family and friends. Another key request was for a pond and water feature to house water based plants andcoy. Finally, Mrs. Moores who always had a love of gardening, required planting areas to fulfill her passion.

The design plan for this project took advantage of the elevational changes on the property. Though while slight, these changes offered opportunities for dramatic separations of outdoor rooms. With well-planned transitions from outdoor room to room, these contorted outdoor living areas gave the appearance of being a part of the property’s original master plan.


Implemented over twenty years ago, this project has matured into a grand show piece shared by all the Moores family. Not only am I proud of the artisitic and professional work I did on this project, but I am most proud that I was able to do it for my beloved mother and father

The Gaskins Residence:

The Gaskins built their home in the late 1970’s where they settled down and reared their family. After their children left home they made the decision to transform it into the mountain top retreat they always wanted.   


Key to their dream was to have ample space for entertaining friends and family, a water feature and garden for their personal enjoyment, and an expansion of their outdoor living space.


To achieve these goals, trees were removed to make way for stone hardscapes and walkways, opening up the tree canopy while flooding the home with more natural light. A waterfall and pond was built, while planting beds were added encircling their home and the surrounding tree-line.


Since the end of this project, I have enjoyed several invitations to share some wine and cheer with the Gaskins as they share their home and grounds with family and friends.

The May Residence:

Relocating from Augusta Georgia to Thomasville Georgia, the May family needed a large home for their growing family as well as visiting out of town friends and relatives. The home search settled on a 19th century “Southern Lady” boasting wrap around porches and a large yard.


The residence previously known as the “Ellis House” had been last utilized as a bed a breakfast and had undergone several renovations. The property itself however had not received as much attention and was suitable for neither the family nor the historic home.


The Mays had a sizeable wish list to address their outdoor needs. Exterior gathering spaces, gardens, new driveway, and permaculture garden were all components of their dream. After concepts were approved and construction drawing completed, phasing of the master plan began.



Improving curb appeal of the property was first on this list with new stone entry walks and steps, low voltage lighting and irrigation. Phase two was a custom outdoor fireplace system with corresponding patio, walkways, planting, lighting, and irrigation.


The final phase corresponded to the construction of a new, previously unplanned carriage house. The changes to the original plans required a reworking of all previous design work and drawings related to this phase which prominently featured the family’s permaculture garden.


As with many other clients, their interior centric life became more centered around their entire property. Because of this project, the Mays were awarded a “Yard of the Month” certificate by the City of Thomasville, a perfect “Welcome Home” gift as they begin their lives in their new adopted city.

The Goodman Residence:

The Goodmans purchased their Sandy Springs townhome not only for its ideal location, but for the beautiful interior renovations competed by the previous owners. While the indoor architectural accents and design truly created a grand living space, the two large double set of French doors opened into a courtyard patio that left more to be desired.


Before the start of this project, it was clear that the patio had been ignored for some time, detracting from the “at home” feel of the rest of the residence. The goal was to have a usable private and beautiful space visually extending the living area into the outdoors. To that end the project required deemphasizing the two prominent air conditioning units, salvage the existing HOA approved gate and fence structure, as well as addressing the raised planting beds and drainage issues.



The resulting design-build solution was a stone patio system with stone planter walls acting as benches within the cozy space. The drainage solution utilized surface drainage with a central ornate antique catch basin. The plantings took advantage of almost continual shade and protected exposure to the environment. A low voltage lighting system was installed incorporating lanterns original to the property, while a drip irrigation system was decided as ideal for this small courtyard space.


Pleased with the results, the Goodmans now have a private outdoor entertaining space complimenting their lifestyle. There patio no longer detracts, but now seamlessly joins the grander of their interior space to their outdoor environment.

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